Is Mark Steyn the New Free Speech Scapegoat?

One of the most popular Conservative writers, Mark Steyn, is currently involved in the most egregious free speech challenge of recent memory…and you probably haven’t heard a damn thing about it.

Generally, free speech casualties in the War Against Things We Don’t Like go underreported because when you’re fighting a war and the entire media is on your side, the small, expected triumphs aren’t that noteworthy.

Steyn’s case, however, is different.

First, he’s the most popular author—by a mile—at Conservative online magazine National Review. If anyone has proven themselves able to connect to the true Conservative base in America over the past 4 years or so, it’s him.

Second, Steyn has been suspended from National Review and is currently drowning under the weight of a lawsuit from climate scientist Michael Mann, of whom Steyn was critical in a skeptical article on climate change.

So we have two reigning dogmas in play here—free speech and climate change—and it appears that Steyn is losing to both and may well prove to be something of a scapegoat once this all plays out.

To make things even more juicy, National Review has received widespread criticism for consistently softening its Conservative position and moving ever more in the “Democrat Lite” direction.

The fact that they have now suspended Steyn and are involved in an ugly, losing lawsuit with him only heightens the intrigue in a case that should be receiving a hell of a lot more attention than it’s currently getting.

Steyn himself has written profusely on this topic already; check out his site for more information on this lawsuit and what it all means for the future of true Conservatism in the US.

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